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Mandela Capture Site and Museum


The internationally acclaimed Mandela Capture Site Monument is only 25kms from MS Self Catering.  Mandela lost his freedom here where he was captured and taken to Robben Island.  A Madiba Museum is housed here.


Restaurants in the vicinity


There is a variety of restaurants around MS Self Catering.  These can be found very close by at the Golden Horse Hotel and Scottsville Mall.  They range from the standard ‘Take Aways’ to exquisite 3 to 4 course meals restaurants.


The Golden Horse Casino


For the prolific gamblers, we share a fence with a gambling paradise in Pietermaritzburg.


Comrades international Marathon


The Comrades Marathon House is literally 15 minutes walk from MS Self Catering.  The starting point for Comrades, the Town Hall is 10 minutes drive from us.  The finish point is the Golden Horse gardens and we share a fence with it.  Very convenient for tired and weary runners.


Duzi  canoeing international marathon


The Duzi international Marathon is held at Camps Drift which is 10 minutes drive from MS Self Catering.  Camps Drift hosts this international canoeing competition every year.  There is also guppy canoeing for kids.


Scottsville race course


You can see the start of the horse race from the veranda of MS Self Catering as we share a fence with the race course!!


Mountain bike international competition


This world class competition is in Montrose 15 minutes drive from MS Self Catering via the Johannesburg/Durban N3 highway which is 5 minutes drive from the house.

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